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Satanas Mendax

Satanas Mendax is Combi Cats newest music video to a song we wrote for the dance show entitled Big Bang that premiered at Kungsbacka Teater in March 2023. Satanas Mendax means Satan the Liar in latin and it is a symbol for dark and gritty love.

Music & Video: 
Combi Cats (Kordian Rönnberg, Diana Rönnberg)
Josefin Berger

This video was possible thanks to a support by Region Halland Film.

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The Weight We Carry Is Love


I can count on the fingers of one hand how many photos I have from my early childhood. One of my favorites was taken by an unknown photographer, whom my mother invited to my grandmother's apartment, where we used to live. I sit in my mom's arms and make some sudden movements, shouting happily at the camera, while mom has a cheerful expression on her face. Behind the frozen smile lurks death ... the death of the moment, of which photography is a sacred mausoleum and a memento of our mori.

My mother was 23 when she gave birth to me. I was 35 when my daughter was born. Mom often points out how much my daughter resembles me in gestures, movements, facial expressions, voice, and that playful gleam in her eyes.

The title of the diptych The Weight We Carry is Love is taken from the poem Song by Allen Ginsberg. The motivation for creating this piece was my reflection on whether we can break free from the traps of biology and upbringing. If my daughter is so much like me, how do I resemble my mother, even in ways I don't realize?

These photographs juxtaposed side by side, even though they are separated by a gap of 36 years, recalls stop-motion animation. Opening my eyes after blinking, I realize that decades have passed. What has changed over time? Love initiates new life, builds bonds, and creates continuity - all elements that are important to our evolution, and the circle goes on and on.

When I look at old family photographs together with my four-year-old daughter, she often asks, "Mom, where was I then?" I answer her, "You were in my thoughts, in my dreams, and in my heart." 


Diana Rönnberg



The diptych was part of the exhibition SERCEHEARTCOR

curated by: Katarzyna Lewandowska.

Próżnia Gallery Szczecin, Poland.

serce w ZONIE / heart in the ZONE / сэрца на ЗОНЕ* 

bum bum bum bum bum 

serce moje 

serce twoje 

serce nasze 

serce cierniowe 

serce czerwone 

serce w zonie 

serce złamane 

serce torunia 

serce nienawistne 

serce pik 

serce jezusowe 

serce przebite strzałą 

serce zimne 

serce gorejące 

serce zawałowe 

serce pęknięte 

serce czarne 

serce skrzelowe 

serce pokrojone 

serce w odwłoku 

serce gołębie 

serce kamienne 

serce na dłoni 

serce w gardle 

serce otwarte 

serce świni 

serce muchy 

serce lasu 

serce złote 

„od kiedy mam serce, liczyłam na więcej” 

bum bum bum bum bum, 

albo nie


Katarzyna Lewandowska

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Annabell Olsson


Filmstills from video


Annabell Olsson is a video from the artproject Dream Peace in which five lullabies from five different countries were collected, recorded and reinterpreted by different artists. The video was presented in form of a videoinstallation outdoor at Storgatan 10 in Kungsbacka.
The text for this song was written by: Lennart Hellsing
Melody: traditional from England.
Song and music production by: Josefin Berger
Movie by: Diana Rönnberg
Participants in alphabetical order: Ninja Agborn, Josefin Berger, Emilia Einarsson, Vera Johansson, Iwona Karnabol, Natalie Rönnberg and Diana Rönnberg.
The stop-motion scenes with Diana in a theatrical context were taken from the rehearsal for the movie Theatrum Magicum directed by Marcin Giżycki for whom this movie is also dedicated to.
This movie was possible thanks to a grant from: Region Halland and Kungsbacka Kommun.


Listen to the song by Josefin Berger here:


Link to article in Zero Magazine about the collaboration between me and Josefin Berger: 

Lamtietie Damtietie

Lamtietie Damtietie is a traditional South African lullaby that was written by C. J. Langenhoven. The song is sang by Rudolph-Hugo Rossouw and reinterpreted musically into a neo-baroque style by Kordian Rönnberg. The song is part of our artproject Dream Peace. Video by: Diana Rönnberg


The song available here: Rudolph-Hugo Rossouw - Lamtietie Damtietie


Documentation from the installation at Storgatan 10 in Kungsbacka.

O Cravo Brigou Com a Rosa


 O Cravo Brigou Com A Rosa is a short and sentimental Brazilian lullaby that tells the story about a carnation that fought with the rose under a balcony. Both get hurt and bruised in different ways. The song could be an allegory for people that are stuck with each other in small spaces and have to come along despite their differences or conflicts between two people that love each other. Passalens art-club which consists of young people with disabbilities interpreted the song through paintings, photograps and drawings. 
  From the opening at Bryggan, Kulturhuset Fyren i Kungsbacka

Exhibition view 
Jonathan Dahlberg in front of his works
Alexandra and Emilia

Fanny Groop

Martina Mettler

Leia Nilsson

Sofia Wallin and Linn Allden

Emilia Einarsson

Rasmus Elleroth



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Był Sobie Król - Polish lullaby

The polish lullaby entitled Był Sobie Król – that can be translated to Once upon a time lived a King is a fairytale trapped in a song.The plot is long and poetic and tells the story about a King, a Princess and a Page that lived happily together amongst flowers and dreams, loving each other dearly. But then suddenly out of nowhere a tragedy occured: The king was eaeten by a cat, the page by a dog and the little sweet princess was eaten by a mouse. But so that the child that is listening to the song won´t be too sad because of this tragedy it must know this: the king was made of sugar, the Page was made of gingerbread and the princess was made of marzipan.

The lyrics were written by: Janina Porazińska
Melody: traditional
Song: Diana Rönnberg
Music production and arrangement: Kordian Rönnberg


Listen to the song HERE

Documentation of the installation:

Here you can see some of the artists participating in installing the piece at the garden av Rosa Villan in Kungsbacka.

The wooden rock was made by Tisdagsgruppen which consists of a group of retired men and women that meet once a week to play around with wood and learn from each others. The blanket was made by Lindlapparna which consists of a group of retired women that create beautiful things in patch technique.